Brew in the Lou.

Hi! I’m Carrie and I’m here to drink cold brew.

Did you know there are over 50 local coffee shops in St. Louis City and St. Louis County? That’s a lot of cold brews to try! As a writer, advocate, and collaborator, I’m constantly having meetings at coffee shops. I had many discussions with my friends and network about where they like to meet. It seemed everyone had a favorite stop for coffee! So come along with me on the voyage of discovery: finding the best coffee shops to have a meeting, a date or a place to meet friends for a cup ‘o joe.

*Also, when I couldn’t take a picture at the shop, I borrowed pictures from each business’ facebook pages, respectively.


Teleo Coffee

I have to admit something at the beginning of my coffee journey. It might make me a little biased but Teleo Coffee is my absolute favorite coffee shop in St. Louis. I love everything about it! The décor, the vibe, the employees, and most importantly, the coffee!! I love that everything is locally sourced: the milk, the honey, the coffee beans and even the tables were made by someone local! It’s nestled in Kirkwood, close to the best and cutest shops to stroll with coffee in hand.

The menu is simple and you can’t go wrong with anything you order! If you order their “Love Your Neighbor” latte, 10% goes back to a local charity, chosen quarterly.

If you’re in a rush, you can order online and pick it up at their pickup window. Convenience like that is such an asset when you’re on your way to work.

This place is perfect for any occasion. They even have a room where your littles can play! Teleo’s environment encourages you to drink, relax, and stay as long as needed!


Piper’s Tea and Coffee

Now we’re in the city. This shop is another favorite! The modern decor is stunning. It is very sleek. Located on Kingshighway in south city, Piper’s is the perfect spot to nestle up with your laptop and get some work done. I have had many meetings here. The greens, marble, and copper/golds are such a versatile vibe. It’s sophisticated yet comfortable. There are plenty of seating options to cater to who you have to meet. It works for everything! You also have to go right next door and grab lunch or dinner at the Golden Hoosier. 

So now, let me talk about the coffee!

Let me just say: I LOVE IT! Piper’s roasts their own beans and it is available for purchase, you can even do a subscription! 

And for all the tea lovers, they have 20 unique tea blends. Check out their Instagram to see all of their speciality drinks and eats! Speaking of…I had a cranberry pop tart that was delicious! I love enjoying pastries with my coffee but I don’t prefer anything too sweet, the pastry was just what I needed! This place is everything and I know you will love it!


Coffee Culture

Coffee Culture has many flavored syrups so you could have anything you could imagine! You definitely want to come back and try as many combos as you can! I tried an egg nog latte because I just can’t pass it up during the holiday season! It was festive and a perfect addition to my cold brew. The owner also has a cookie business so you can get both when you drop by! He also has a coffee truck that can park right outside of your business! What a great treat for your employees! They will love it! When you visit the shop, you have to check out the tables! They change colors! So fun!The employees are so friendly and I love the whole experience when I go!


Sump Coffee

Oh boy. I knew going into it, that this place had pretty hardcore coffee and I was a little nervous. Let’s just say, I’m a bit of a sissy when it comes to coffee. I like sugary drinks, but not like so sugary that your teeth are going to crumble, but I’m definitely not a black coffee drinker.

I’m basically a big creamer fan, ok?

This was why I was nervous. The menu is mostly pour-over coffees– which I like…but I was scared out of asking for any flavored syrups. 😬

They weren’t going to have them. This is serious coffee. I settled on a pour-over with a side of oat milk. I also had a fresh-out-of-the-oven apple and gouda scone. It was exquisite.

The coffee is strong enough to put hair on your chest! Or on your face…but it was divine. Like seriously, it was wonderful. I felt like such a mature woman, drinking legit coffee and I actually liked it.

The goth decor matches the serious coffee level. Everything’s black, victorian, and themed with skulls and beards. They, too, roast their own beans and they offer subscriptions so you can brew at home! I’ve been changed and I will be back! Even though my first love will always be cold brews, Sump opened my eyes to a world of new coffees. The place was buzzing with people and they had a room near the back where you could totally work and have a meeting!

Photo by Maria Orlova on


Protagonist Cafe

To begin with, I’ve always wanted to go to this place. The name alone called me in. Books and coffee?! Located in Soulard, right next to the Soulard Market, this coffee shop appeals to a lot of different crowds. This place would be a great place to get fueled up for a morning of shopping at The Soulard Market. Though Saturdays are very busy here for that very reason. Parking is roughhhhhhhh.

I can see why it’s so busy. It’s more than a coffee shop! This was the first coffee shop in my journey that offered alcohol. The menu has a lot of seasonal drinks, food items, and staff suggestions on wine choices! They even have ice cream! There are gifts from local artists for purchase that are pretty stinkin’ cute. I bought a few cards.

The library and study vibe are perfect. Bookshelves line all of the walls, separated by sections. The used books are all available to purchase. Though browsing can be a little challenging since the place is often full of students, freelancers, writers, and friends meeting for coffee. You do feel like you’re interrupting while you’re trying to reach a book on interior design. Despite the bustle, it just works are a great place to bring your laptop and get some work done.

It’s a cozy spot where you could work comfortably, meet friends and definitely a good spot to start a date! Once you are done with coffee, stroll around Soulard. It’s such a beautiful part of our city!


Goshen Coffee Company

What a pleasant surprise, this place is amazing!! It is located in Soulard and it is adorable!! It is aesthetically pleasing. The place is full of vibrant colors and contrasting patterns. I’ll definitely remember this place on just the setting alone!

They have so many seating options, including couches upstairs and a patio when the weather is nice.

The baristas are as nice as they could be. They roast their own beans and make their own syrups, chocolate sauces and pastries in-house.

I ordered a vanilla latte with oat milk and it is DIVINE. I also ordered a chocolate mint scone. I can not say enough about how much I love this place. It is a wonderful place to work and/or have a meeting.

This place is a 10/10 recommendation to try!