St. Baldrick’s Foundation

“I’m going to do everything I can to bring awareness and help spread the word.” — Carrie Schmitt

Carrie has always been known as someone who bridged together communities. Her dreams were to have all of her different circle of friends to know one another. Through her grief, she’s community-building tenfold. It was her goal to teach her children to be caregivers and advocates. From fundraising to writing, she’s determined to change the world.

She’s been an active and fierce advocate for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation for nearly a decade.

Article: Little Boy, Big Impact – The Leader, March 12, 2020

2020 St. Baldrick’s Shaving Event at Freer Elementary

Check out the Team Jackson Page:

Carrie Schmitt wants to advocate for children who didn’t get their chance to fight by raising awareness and funding for childhood cancer research. She has heavily participated in St. Baldrick’s shaving events since 2015. This will be her fifth year “going bald.” In 2019, Jackson Schmitt joined the fight with his mother and shaved his head for his friend, Mya, who is currently in remission from Leukemia. He raised $1500 in one night!

Carrie original goal was $10k. This created a Hero Fund for Jackson. By the time of the event, Team Jackson raised $80,000 dollars and had over 70 shavees. The joy and energy that surrounded the day was felt by everyone! There was laughter, tears, and connection between our hurting community. The event was coordinated by Jackson’s teachers, friends, and family! Carrie’s already looking forward to her 2nd year in 2021.

KMOV St Louis interviewed Carrie Schmitt during the February 22nd event.