Coffee Stop #9: Blueprint Coffee on Watson

This location is located in an old Car Repair shop so the decor is industrial, which I love. Blueprint roasts its own beans.  Blueprint Coffee has 3 other locations: Delmar Coffee Bar, High Low Coffee Bar on Washington and Blueprint Coffee Roastery on Delmar.  

I learned a little about Cold Brew coffee on their website and since I am personally a huge cold brew fan, I wanted to share what I learned.

Cold Brew coffee is not just hot coffee that is cooled down. Since it is never warmed, it makes the taste smoother and less acidic than hot coffee.  

Blueprint sells a system to make your own cold brew at home!! 

Since Blueprint roasts its own beans, you will find it at many other coffee shops in the Lou and other areas, which you can find here:

When you check out their website, you will find amazing merch, a coffee bean subscription, tons of coffee brewing equipment and so much more.  

Blueprint is the real deal and you should definitely check them out!!