Coffee Stop #5: Sump Coffee

Photo by Maria Orlova on

Oh boy. I knew going into it, that this place had pretty hardcore coffee and I was a little nervous. Let’s just say, I’m a bit of a sissy when it comes to coffee. I like sugary drinks, but not like so sugary that your teeth are going to crumble, but I’m definitely not a black coffee drinker.

I’m basically a big creamer fan, ok?

This was why I was nervous. The menu is mostly pour-over coffees– which I like…but I was scared out of asking for any flavored syrups. 😬

They weren’t going to have them. This is serious coffee. I settled on a pour-over with a side of oat milk. I also had a fresh-out-of-the-oven apple and gouda scone. It was exquisite.

The coffee is strong enough to put hair on your chest! Or on your face…but it was divine. Like seriously, it was wonderful. I felt like such a mature woman, drinking legit coffee and I actually liked it.

The goth decor matches the serious coffee level. Everything’s black, victorian, and themed with skulls and beards. They, too, roast their own beans and they offer subscriptions so you can brew at home! I’ve been changed and I will be back! Even though my first love will always be cold brews, Sump opened my eyes to a world of new coffees. The place was buzzing with people and they had a room near the back where you could totally work and have a meeting!