Coffee Stop #2: Piper’s Tea & Coffee

Now we’re in the city. This shop is another favorite! The modern decor is stunning. It is very sleek. Located on Kingshighway in South City, Piper’s is the perfect spot to nestle up with your laptop and get some work done. I have had many meetings here. The greens, marble, and copper/golds are such a versatile vibe. It’s sophisticated yet comfortable. There are plenty of seating options to cater to who you have to meet. It works for everything! You also have to go right next door and grab lunch or dinner at the Golden Hoosier. 

So now, let me talk about the coffee!

Let me just say: I LOVE IT! Piper’s roasts their own beans and it is available for purchase, you can even do a subscription! 

And for all the tea lovers, they have 20 unique tea blends. Check out their Instagram to see all of their speciality drinks and eats! Speaking of…I had a cranberry pop tart that was delicious! I love enjoying pastries with my coffee but I don’t prefer anything too sweet, the pastry was just what I needed! This place is everything and I know you will love it!