Coffee Stop #10: Latte Lounge &HG Eatery

OMG.  You HAVE to go here!! 

It is located less than a mile from the City Museum so you could totally grab a coffee or brunch and then head on over for a day of play!  

I don’t even know where to start.  The space is huge and I love the industrial feel to it.  

They have a coffee bar and you get to sit on a swing while you drink your coffee! 

And you can do a side-by-side iced coffee if you can’t decide which delicious drink you want. And if you are in the mood to try more than one coffee drink, just order a flight!! That’s right, hot or iced and they are big!! Each latte is 5oz, they aren’t playing!! 

They also have comfy couches where you can look out the super tall windows onto Washington Avenue.  

They have a brunch menu which looks fantastic.

They also have yard games in the back where you could play bags, Connect 4 or Checkers!