Coffee Stop #1: Teleo

I have to admit something at the beginning of my coffee journey. It might make me a little biased but Teleo Coffee is my absolute favorite coffee shop in St. Louis. I love everything about it! The décor, the vibe, the employees, and most importantly, the coffee!! I love that everything is locally sourced: the milk, the honey, the coffee beans and even the tables were made by someone local! It’s nestled in Kirkwood, close to the best and cutest shops to stroll with coffee in hand.
The menu is simple and you can’t go wrong with anything you order! If you order their “Love Your Neighbor” latte, 10% goes back to a local charity, chosen quarterly.
If you’re in a rush, you can order online and pick it up at their pickup window. Convenience like that is such an asset when you’re on your way to work.
This place is perfect for any occasion. They even have a room where your littles can play! Teleo’s environment encourages you to drink, relax, and stay as long as needed!