Coffee blog: Starting off

When considering a visit to a coffee shop, I have a few things in mind. The most important part is obviously the coffee, but there are other pieces of the puzzle that make a particular coffee shop a place I will frequent.

I love nothing more than supporting local small businesses so I toured 13 different coffee shops in St. Louis. I want to determine whether each coffee shop is a good place for a business meeting, a date or just meeting up with friends.

The atmosphere, the decor, the vibe and the music were all considered at each venue.
While some larger coffee chains bring convenience, they aren’t always the best establishment to have an important business meeting. A place that is too busy and loud is not conducive for a professional meeting.

Everyone is busy, so a trip to the coffee shop is a time to slow down a bit, and a change of scenery, other than working at home. One of the best parts about a coffee shop is that it is indeed a happy place. People want to be there and it is a place that can potentially bring people together.

There are over 50 coffee shops in St. Louis so this will highlight 13 locally owned, small businesses.
I hope you enjoy the tour and that this will make you want to explore all that St. Louis has to offer!