Learning to Grieve While Parenting

Learning to Grieve While Parenting

My name is Carrie Schmitt and I am a proud mother, step-mother and former surrogate. I am also a passionate advocate. My most recent title has become angel mother. I am learning how to PWG, parent while grieving and writing has become part of my grief therapy. I feel strongly about sharing my journey in hopes to help myself as well as help others.

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Help is an Ask Away

One of the hardest yet best things I’ve learned through my journey with child loss is that when you don’t know how to do something, ask for help. There is help available for just about anything you can imagine. Seriously. It doesn’t make you weak. I’ll say that again for the people in the back:…

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Loose Boards

Early on, in my grief journey, someone told me about “Loose Boards.” When you are in the store, and a song comes on that you weren’t expecting, that’s a loose board. When you are at a place that you had gone with your loved one and the memory comes flying back, that is a loose…

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I’ve Had The Rug Pulled Out From Underneath Me

I was cruising along, having good days and bad, and then……. Coronavirus. I found some things that were helping me get through my days and then forced isolation changed everything. I could no longer do the things that were helping me. I was forced to deal with the feelings that I hadn’t completely delved into.…

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I made a big mistake. I did not tend to my anger …and it has come back to bite me. Hard. I was so terrified of having Postpartum Depression that I chose not to camp out on anger. I was thinking (in my jumbled up grief, postpartum brain) that if I wasn’t angry, maybe I…

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Avoiding Pain

While I am so thankful for my community and their willingness to always step in while I’m struggling, the pain of losing a child can not be fixed. I have been extremely busy since Jackson died (some by my choice and some not.) Having a very active 4 year old has forced me to get…

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